On a mission she was…..

as she has learned that giving feels so much better than receiving……

her employer now about to give birth to her third child, she wanted to do as much as she possibly could to help……

the two women have built trust and a great bond as they both have so much in common.

They are both resilient, courageous and loving to their children and partner.

Her employer is about to give birth to her third child. She has three sons. More similarity!

They are both from Asian countries and can relate to each other on so many topics of life. They both want similar things from life and have the same values.

The two women spent a good part of the afternoon chatting about what is important to them. What a great bonding day!

She felt like she had been given a little sister, a little sister that she never had.

She was so protective of her little sister and her two sons, as any good sister would.

Girls having fun just chatting and having some simple food for lunch whilst the two young boys played with each other.

Life can be so much fun with the simple things. No fuss over the materialistic things that we can be so caught up with in this digital age.

Or the brand names of clothes, shoes and make up! They are merely to distract us from what we truly want from life!

The two girls are smart and they know how to use their money wisely!

Thats wisdom that comes from life experiences!

Three cheers to wisdom!

Three cheers to life experiences!

Three cheers to sisters!