What a week it has been for us weather wise!

We had to toughen up from the rain, extreme winds, snow, sunshine, freezing temperatures and to us Scots it has become a strength that we all possess!  No kidding here!

We had an extremely mild October and November last year so we were absolutely spoiled!  I have never attended the Glasgow Green Fireworks display for Guy Fawkes feeling the weather as warm and mild as it was. I was very surprised by the “heat” in November as it was so unusual for us Glaswegians. We could have had a barbecue on our back garden in November and what fun that would be! I was walking around London Eye on the Sunday 8th November with my boyfriend in my t-shirt whilst we were there for our weekend break as they had the warmest November in quite a number of years. Then, on the Monday morning of the 9th when we arrived back into Glasgow, we were greeted with wild winds and rain.


December last year was a mixture of wild winds and rain with some storms with very little sunshine. Yet we did get some warm and calm days during the festive period as Calvin, my youngest son and I took his new bike he got for his Christmas for it’s “test drive” in our local park. It was a first for both of us to be cycling in December!  We were still warmer than the average December temperature for Glasgow, Scotland. There was one or two days of frost and no snow at all so the kids were disappointed that we never got a white Christmas.

Then we were suddenly hit by the extreme freezing temperatures, frost and then snow in the middle of this month. What a huge shock it was for our bodies to adjust to! I remember my youngest son Calvin going outside to play on the Saturday morning of 16th January. There was ice on the ground to keep him amused until it started to snow on and off all day so the kids had so much fun having snow ball fights and building a snowman or three!

Our weather has become so unpredictable so we are prepared for whatever the sky throws at us yet we just love to talk about it with anyone, anywhere and at anytime! We get four seasons in one hour!

So if you come to Glasgow, Scotland and someone talks to you about the weather then you know they are from Glasgow. Join in the chat and you probably learn a thing or two about us Glaswegians yet that’s if you can understand our accent! By the way be prepared if and when you do travel to Scotland no matter what time of year you do it!

I had my wellingtons on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday I had ditched them for a pair of more comfortable shoes because it was like walking in ski boots. I felt like a farmer walking about in my wellingtons with my corduroy trousers tucked inside them!  I had forgot to wear my thermal socks on Wednesday when I took the bus to meet my friend for lunch so I was at risk of getting more chilblains on my toes.  Ooops! Silly me!  The number 61 bus was freezing on my way home and thank goodness I had my pocket hotties from my sweetheart to keep me warm.

I had a lazier day on Thursday so it was less of a challenge to be out and about. My S5 indicated extreme winds from the weather warning that popped up. Yet it was a calm day and I was just happy to be home after the school run.

I stayed at home with Calvin all day yesterday because he had a fever so it was another lazy day for me. No school run!  Storm Gertrude was here and some schools were closed in Scotland and many people were without electricity. There were huge disruptions to public transport and a landslide closed the A82 between Spean Bridge and Invergarry for a while, leading to a 154 mile diversion. We were fortunate to have stayed safe and well with no disruptions.  Yet the wild winds and the noise from it was more than enough to disturb us!

Today, I needed to get three important things seen to and two was in the city centre so I was well prepared for the freezing cold as I was getting the bus.  I had my Koala bear hat (from Sydney) on that covers my sensitive ears, my white cotton scarf wrapped around my neck, my soft black leather gloves on my small hands, my three in one Berghaus waterproof and windproof jacket, my thick spotty thermal socks to keep the chilblains away from my tiny toes and four pocket hotties to keep my hands warm if I need them. I had two small flasks filled with hot water to drink to keep me warm. I brought a banana, an apple and a protein bar with me to keep me fuelled.

I saw snow on the top of the bus that I boarded to get into the city centre. To my amazement, I saw a few young lads walking in the city centre with just a skimpy t-shirt on!………..in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade and the “real feel” temperature on my Samsung S5 indicated it was minus 5 degrees centigrade. I do wonder how and why these young lads do such a silly thing!

The sun was shining bright so it helped to make my afternoon adventure out into the city centre that bit more pleasant. The bus ride into city centre was also pleasant because the heating was on and the bus was filled with passengers where I could only stand. The number 61 bus on my way home had no heating on again yet this time I felt warmer than I did on Wednesday. The rain stayed off until I got home so I was very fortunate. I toughened up today from being exposed to the elements and more of it tomorrow!

The calm after the storm today was peaceful and quiet only to be spoiled with a light drizzle compared to the rain we had this week. I enjoyed a walk to our local shop to pick up dinner and it was a delightful walk with no winds to blow me half way down the street!

Now let us embrace our unpredictable Scottish weather for the upcoming week. What do I need?