I have had the best week so far this year and that’s all due to the consistent progress I am making for personal growth and happiness. I started to volunteer at a charity shop last Friday, for one day a week to get out and meet new people which is helping to stay active. I love the adult interaction which is what I missed so much since my big brother passed away very suddenly in November 2013 and my depression came back. I was so heartbroken to lose my lifetime companion and I was carrying his pain of not having our parents at his funeral so I felt so angry back then. I needed counselling sessions on a one to one to help me get through my grieving process and I am grateful that I did.

Monday: My sleep was disturbed last Sunday night so I was feeling so tired and sleepy so I had a lazy start to my day. I did manage to do my squats, plank and yoga so I felt so much happier and more energetic afterwards. The Ellen Degeneres Show started to air on ITV2 today so I tuned in after my lunch and I am hooked now! Hehe  I started on a new blog on my iPad on Monday evening whilst Calvin, my youngest son was at his swimming lesson. I always make sure I have something productive to get on with whilst I wait for Calvin at the leisure centre so that I am making the most of my time there instead of doing unproductive things.

Tuesday: I forgot to set my alarm again and woke up to my Lumie bodyclock shining brightly at me…….again! This was the second time this week already. Thank goodness for my Lumie light! Hehe  I attended the job fair at our local job centre and found out that I could learn how to become a barista from attending a two day course at The Tenent’s Training Academy next month.  So I am looking forward to if and feel excited! Hehe I tuned into Ellen’s show again after lunch and it is such an amazing show full of laughter which is what I loveeeeeee because life is meant to be fun! Hehe   I attended my very first Toastmasters meeting in my city on Tuesday evening and it was very well structured which is helpful for me to learn all about public speaking as it is one of my long term goals. The evening was busier than usual and the room was full to the brim! Haha.  This meant that the meeting went over the 9 O’clock finishing time and I stayed to chat with the members to get to know them so I was late in getting home. As I was driving home I was stuck in traffic from the football traffic at Celtic Park, Parkhead so I took another route hoping it to be less congested. I got home in time to tuck Calvin, my youngest son into bed and I was feeling all hyped up from the evening’s meeting so I took longer to wind down for bed!  No facetime with my sweetheart this evening as I was out at the Toastmasters meeting. I missed seeing him in his white shirt and tie. Hehe

Wednesday: I felt sleepy and tired due to the late night I had the previous night. I sooo long for our spring to spring on us! Pun intended! Haha……. as the dull, dark, depressing winter with long nights is such a drag!  We are all lacking energy from being indoors so much from the long dark nights. I was touched to see my sweetheart as he rushed home from his dancing to catch up with me from the Toastmasters meeting the night before. He is always full of surprises for me! Hehe   I ate another two frogs today by getting those tasks completed! Yuck!   Yet the ugly work shall pay off real soon. I managed to complete the two minutes I had set for my last yoga pose so I felt so proud of myself. Woo hoo! Dinner with my parents, Calvin, Colin and his girlfriend Cherry at Ka Ka Lok was delicious as dad ordered a dish we had never tried before. He always gets to be the boss and orders our dishes for dinner even though it’s mum that pays the bill. So typical of my family setup and I do wonder if my mum could read, would she get to order the dishes???  I love going to Ka Ka Lok for dinner as their customer service is the best in Glasgow. They really do look after their customers and make them feel valued which is something I never seem to get in Glasgow from any of the Chinese restaurants that I have been to!  Calvin always asks to go home as soon as he has finished eating when we eat out. So typical of him so he could get onto his iPad and play Minecraft on the desktop as well.

Thursday: winter is taking a toll on my energy levels and I am feeling it each day when I get out of bed to start my day. I miss the sunshine in the mornings as we begin our day. I found a new way to snack using toothpicks so I tried it out at lunchtime and it is fartingly amazing! Haha.   I wrapped some pork dumplings for the boys snack and watched the Ellen show. I made rice for dinner for a change as it has been some time since I had cooked rice at home. I put some dried scallops into our rice as it is my favourite dried seafood and I could eat it everyday! Haha.  I do loveeeee my food and I loveeee to cook. We had leftover rice so I kept it and put it in a container to take into the charity shop the next day for my lunch. I boiled three eggs to go with the rice so that I get my protein. I had planned to attend a meeting for writers yet I was feeling tired out from the weeks events already so I stayed at home.

Friday:  my day of volunteering at the charity shop in Partick which was quiet due to the January blues and everyone is out of money from Christmas and New Year. It felt like a very long day as we were stuck for things to do so we kept tidying up the shop floor then there was donations brought in from good citizens which was what we wanted! Hehe.   I love the interactions I get here with the light minded people and I feel great being in their presence. I was tired when I got home so I took it easy and was not feeling up to my squats, plank and yoga. I had a very relaxing soak in the bath for over twenty minutes with a lit Yankee candle from my American twin which was bliss! Hehe.   I sure know how to spoil myself rotten because I am well worth it! Haha.  I had an early night due to my tiredness.

Saturday:  Oh my goodness!   I slept for nine hours solid, it was very sound and deep which is the first in sooo long. I felt so happy waking up to from a sound sleep. I had a great catch up with my sweetheart on Facetime only to be dragged away to help son Colin to sell his car and do some errands which took me a total of three hours. No more driving Colin’s car for me so it means public transport which takes longer and they never arrive on time!  The joys of public transport in Glasgow, Scotland!   I pulled a muscle in my lower back so it was causing me an amount of pain so I took a nap with my hot bottle and put it on my bed so I could have my back on it. It eased the pain so I could manage my squats, plank and yoga after dinner. I made a delicious dinner with grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and brown spaghetti yet Calvin only ate a few mouthfuls because I didn’t make a sauce for him. So I asked him to eat it later and he did with lots of ketchup! Oh what a boy!  I had another soak in the bath after my exercises with lavender oil to help me relax as I had such an active week, I felt I needed to chill and relax. I had another early night yet my sleep was disturbed so I felt tired and sleepy!

I feel very proud of myself for having such a productive week and month so far. There are some areas that needs to be tweeted and I am working on it. I am limiting the time I spend doing unproductive things that wastes my valuable time. Chinese New Year is just round the corner which means I am needing to clean our home as much as I possible can and that requires lots of elbow grease so could you possibly come over and help me out? Hehe. I shall pay you by cooking a meal for you from scratch!  Deal?  My left arm is still feeling weak from ongoing whiplash symptoms so please help me out! Thank you. Hehe.  I had lots of fun laughing from watching funny Ellentube videos and it keeps me sane! Wahaha. So my week has been fun and productive! Now to plan for my new week ahead!  Lots of tasks to complete and goals to reach. I am soaring!  Watch me or join me!  It is your choice. image.png