Shopping for an outfit this morning for my dinner party with Toastmasters next month to celebrate our club successfully being chartered, I went into Quiz, in my local shopping centre.

A female assistant approached me with ” how can I help you”? as I was browsing through the rails of clothing.

So I told her “I am looking for an outfit for my dinner party next month, I prefer separates so that I am able to get more wear from them after the dinner party, I am not a girly girl, I go for comfort and if I do come across a dress that I fancy, I will try it on”.

After informing of the female assistant of what I was looking for, she helped me the best she could by pointing out a dress that came in different colours. I studied the dress which was beautiful and had a great length, not too short, not too long, just sits at the appropriate length for this average height Chinese girl!  However, there was ONE big disadvantage to this blue and white dress. So,  I told her that I was very uncomfortable with bearing my arms due to my insecurity. To this end, she told me what they had in store to solve that issue in order to upsell, a technique I am very aware of from my experience with working in retail.

We eventually decided upon a white full length top for me to wear over the blue and white dress, in order to cover my arms. As we were walking towards the fitting rooms, this obviously knowledgeable female assistant suggested that I try the dress on with a pair of bling heels and so I told her “I do not do heels” to which she replied, “it’s just to give you an idea of how the dress looks” so I repeated myself “I do NOT do heels”. She was unaccepting of that fact and was rather reluctant to let it go! So I was assertive and said “I want to try these flats” and grabbed a silver bling shoe so she asked “do you want to try the pair”?……..trying the pair would be the sensible thing to do right?

I was then led into the fitting room whilst the assistant grabbed my garments plus a silver bling shoe.

She left me to try on the dress and whit full length top whilst she told her colleague she needed to pop upstairs to grab some shoes. I put on the blue and white dress and covered my arms with the white full length top and walked out of the cubicle. By now the assistant was back with my flat silver bling shoes so I put them on.


I looked stunningly hot and sexy!  No need for heels to look like a million dollars as I looked into the full length mirror in front of me! My inner confidence was more than enough for me to feel great about myself. My sexy smile as I looked at myself in this beautifully designed white and blue dress was more than enough to tell the world that “I feel happy with myself, warts and all and I do not need heels to lift up my moods“!

Why do we presume that we need heels in order to look hot in a dress or in any other outfit?

I believe it is society that has trained us into believing that we need to be dressed in a certain way to look hot and sexy!

To me, heels are only a nuisance that causes me intense physical pain when walking or dancing in them so why would I put myself through such intense pain in order to “look great” when I look great with flats?

My comfort comes first over “great looks” because I have never been a follower of fashion or anything else!