20160420_144804Day three of warm and sunny weather here in Glasgow, Scotland which has been such a bonus as we have had such colder weather during the past two weeks whilst our kids were off school for their late Easter break!

Today felt like a summer’s day for us as we soaked up the sunshine and felt the heat! Some of us were dressed in shorts and t-shirts to feel the sun on our bare skin. I felt comfortable and warm enough to be just wearing a long sleeve top without a jacket yet I brought one with me. I walked to pick up Calvin from school to feel the sun hitting my face! I thoroughly enjoyed my leisurely walk by myself.

I felt the heat whilst sitting in the bus to head to our destination. I did some shopping with Calvin and I felt so happy to soak up our hot Glasgow sun.

As well as having our glorious sun with us for three days in a row, I received great unexpected news this afternoon which is another bonus.

I am feeling so happy and ready for new challenges and learning more skills.

Woo hoo! Well done me!