As we welcome the first day of March 2018, this is the snowy and beautiful scenery all over my city, Glasgow in Scotland today!

Yes I hear you say “Oh what beautiful snow!

I totally agree with you. I have always enjoyed the snow since I was a child. As an adult, it’s absolute chaos travelling in it.

Us Glaswegians have not had this much snow, approximately six inches, that’s six cans of Irn Bru stacked on top of one another height, for over eight years and more. Our City Council is ill equipped to handle this much snow and the crippling demands that comes with it. This means that our city has been a ghost city, grounded to a halt with no buses running yesterday after our Red Alert weather warning. Trains and flights are cancelled. Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are all closed. Most shops and some shopping centres are closed. We are staying at home to stay safe from six inches of snow, the bitter wind and freezing cold.

I had an event with my fellow Toastmasters this afternoon that was cancelled and rescheduled for later this month. My smear test scheduled for this morning was also cancelled because my nurse was unable to get to her work. Nothing major and nobody died! Haha

Our motorways are sluggish and dangerous for drivers and their passengers. Disruption is all over the country and behind. My eldest son’s friend is stuck and stranded in France, unable to get his flight back to Glasgow. An Emirates flight, from Dubai was reported to have circled around Glasgow yesterday afternoon for over an hour, because our airport’s runway was being cleared of snow and ice. Thankfully it was finally able to land safely onto our airport’s tarmac.

There have been some unfortunate travellers stranded at Glasgow Airport going nowhere due to our snow. They have been taken care of by some generous staff and volunteers. However, the stranded passengers must feel absolutely exhausted and grumpy from whatever challenges they are facing.

I am extremely fortunate to have had no chaos in my travel plans because I had no plans to travel anywhere far from home. Haha

I can sympathise with those who were or are stuck and struggling to get to their destinations, especially those with health issues, children and any other issues that they are finding an exceptional struggle. It is in times like these that we must step back and be grateful for everything that we have. I have a roof over my head, with running water, heating, food and all the other basic necessities for my survival. The homeless are the ones who are struggling the most. Thankfully, Glaswegians are fantastic at stepping up during these toughest times to offer whatever they possibly can to help out those in need.


The above sight has not been around for me for over ten years or possibly more. I saw icicles on car’s front and back bumpers last night whilst I walked round the corner of home to get some grit from our local grit bin. The neighbourhood was like a ghost town. It was far too quiet for that time of the night (around 8.30pm).  I felt it was eerie to the point where I wondered if anyone was alive in Glasgow???

What challenges have you had to deal with due to adverse weather conditions? For me, it is being stuck at home with no adult interactions and unable to surround myself with people. I am an extrovert who gets energised from being around people. I was feeling bored, lonely and exhausted from having no people to surround myself with yesterday and again the exact same today.

I called my friend from Toastmasters for a chat and we organised to meet up on Sunday to celebrate our two years of committing to Toastmasters. That excites me superbly! Hehe

Walking in fresh snow this morning felt rather tranquil and relaxing.  The streets were dead and as quiet as a mouse. The one major struggle was the bitter cold and freezing wind! I didn’t die walking to and from my doctor’s surgery to have my smear test which was cancelled. I felt energised from my ten minute walk! Hehe

Glasgow City Council has announced that their nurseries and schools shall remain closed tomorrow, Friday 2nd March. How likely am I to get into work tomorrow? I miss the adult interactions so much I am becoming grumpier as the minute ticks by. I may murder someone due to my boredom! Haha

I wonder how long our snow is planning on staying with us? The white layer of fluffy stuff does look beautiful yet we must continue to get to their work and children need to get back to school as soon as possible for our sanity and peace! Haha

Meanwhile, here’s my last photo I want to share with you!

Happy first day of March 2018 to you all! Hehe