When was last time you had an urgent or important task to complete, yet your negative emotions held you back? We have all been in such circumstances I believe. That feeling of “Oh I just don’t feel like it today or I am feeling down so let’s do it tomorrow” and we are then behind with our tasks. This becomes a habit and what happens next? Our poor habit takes over our self discipline and we get sucked into the “I’ll do it when I am feeling better”  way of thinking.


I get pms symptoms for seven days per month which depletes my energy, creates many negative emotions, gives me headaches, backache, muscle pain, increased sleepiness, increased low moods, clouds my logic and I become the most emotional woman on earth where any wise person would know to run a mile when they know I am pms-ing! It is no fun at all when I am dealing with and handling all  of the pms symptoms, every month and needing to suck it up, pull myself together and just get on with it! Some days I want to scream and kick someone in the balls! Other days I feel like staying in bed and binge watch one movie after another. There are days when I want to binge on chocolates and unhealthy snacks to satisfy my pms cravings. I have seen days where I want to pick a fight with my sweetheart merely to get his full attention. On a good day, I shall get on with the tasks that needs my attention, then feel the tiredness, sleepiness and whatever else is taking control of my tired body and retreat to bed for a nap. On a bad day, I want to be on own, have no interest for anything happening around me and couldn’t care if I had food to eat because I feel so sleepy and tired I find getting out of bed would be like running a marathon for my body.

From many trials and errors as I am learning how to control my negative emotions each month to complete my urgent and important tasks, I have established a few vital facts about my body and mind. I like to track everything I do from what I eat each day to what affects my energy levels, I learned that what I do each day with my body has a huge impact on my overall health and well being. Staying active, on the go and getting off my “perky butt” as my sweetheart would say, has been a huge benefit to getting tasks completed. It is the power of habit. We are creatures of habit, poor or rich, good or bad, productive or not, we are the biggest creatures of habit. I do have good habits in place yet they disappear as quick as a flash as soon as pms is with me. It is like when a cat sees a dog!

Staying active, on the go and off my perky butt is no problem whatsoever on my none pms days as I am an active person by nature. Yet, as soon as pms arrives, I am hit with a huge wave of “let’s just stay in bed” syndrome. No, it is not laziness. It is real and it is a pain in the butt!  People who do not understand the impact pms has on women’s energy levels have no idea what we are enduring each month. I would love to make pms disappear for good because I sure can live without it, after living with it since I first got my monthly period. I would love to divorce it with the help of my lawyer!  Sign the papers? No problem. I shall be celebrating with anyone who wants a wild party to remember!  Let’s bring it on girls and boys! 

On the seriousness of taking control of my negative emotions to getting my urgent and important tasks ticked off……..

I learned to focus on the end result. Last night was a great opportunity for me to put into practice what I had learned about controlling my negative emotions. I had taken a nap after coming home from work, eating my snack and taking a shower. I had a huge headache and felt so sleepy and tired. I got woken up by youngest son Calvin’s noise and decided to stay in bed for a few hours. Then the dreaded thought of having to do this and that creeped into mind. Ohhhhh dear says my head. I got to do this and that? How? I have no energy, I got this huge headache, I got my period, bla bla bla! The excuses were becoming as long as the Great Wall of China!  “Shut up and just get on with it, I need these tasks done or else I am going to suffer the consequences”!   That, is how I control my negative emotions during challenging times. I have a firm talk with my negative emotions and make sure they listen to me. The dishes were washed, rinsed and put away. Our kitchen was tidied. The rubbish emptied. The tasks that needed my attention today were written on my “To Do List”.  I washed and dried my hair. I wrote in my journal. Phewwwwww!  What a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction!  I was rewarded with a clean and tidy kitchen this morning to make our breakfast in. Yes! Yes! Yes! Triumphant! Woo Hoo!


I am becoming a master of my negative emotions!  Win! Win!

Well done me!