I saw something I had never seen before during this week’s Toastmasters meeting which was another opportunity for learning.

Our advanced speaker, Dee who is our founder of our club and the woman who never struggles to deliver her speeches, got stumped with a difficult question during Table Topics.  Our Table Topics Master and members were finding it rather funny and I was very intrigued.

For an advanced speaker to struggle to deliver their speech is something I have never witnessed and to see it in person showed me even the greatest have their challenges and struggles.

Dee said during her speech, “I am not doing very well with this question” which is one of the things we are taught NOT to say when we are struggling.

I saw Dee was composed and confident whilst she struggled to answer her question, which shows she has a solid foundation.

My second prepared speech which I delivered on this evening, mentioned the benefits of building a solid foundation.

I learned from my five years of personal development,  that in order to get what we want from life, we need to build a solid foundation.

I see who has a solid foundation and who is lacking it, merely from observing them whilst they are on stage at Toastmasters.

Many of them who came to Toastmasters at the beginning have not been committing to attending regular meetings due to their weak and fragile foundation.

It is our solid foundation that gets us through the toughest times and life’s set backs.

Without this key element, we crumble at the slightest hick up, set back and challenge that life throws at us.

We lack what it takes to get what we want from life without a solid foundation.

It is quite alright to struggle with life’s difficult questions, set backs, hick ups, challenges and traumas.

We have grit, resiliency, mental and emotional strength to help us through the crappy days where we could easily give up.

It is so much easier to give up in times of struggle. It is so much easier to say “oh why bother as this is so damn difficult”!

Things are difficult before they become easy. No one was born with the ability to walk, talk, run, read or write. We all had to learn those skills and each of those skills took time. It took more than a week or a month. Yet we finally got there.

The majority of people who struggle with life’s challenges give up because they lack the solid foundation to see them through their struggles.

Dee on the other hand, has come through many struggles to set up our now chartered club and her vision has given us, the members,  the strength to continue making consistent progress to achieve our goals within Toastmasters.