After months of waiting and apprehension, I finally booked our flights to Hong Kong for October!

It materilised from the vision board I had made two years ago.

I had longed to be able to fly to my birthplace with my immediate family for quite some time.

This is a great opportunity as I shall be surrounded with my immediate and extended family as well as my sweetheart and his family. What fun!

It shall be a noisy and busy occasion yet well worth the effort as I have an elderly aunt who deserves to get my time.

There is so much to look forward to and lots of happy memories created that shall be with us forever.

Then, there is sadness because my big brother would have loved to be able to join us in the fun! He loves to eat and that’s what we do when we fly back to Hong Kong.

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner with family.

The food is on offer all over Hong Kong for such a cheap price almost 24/7. We are so spoiled for choice.

However, there is a gargantuan load of sacrifices that we choose to make in order to create the happy memories with our family.

First we endure a long haul flight of 16 hours to land in Hong Kong. Then is the huge discomfort of the pollution and overcrowding in Hong Kong which is something we never had any issues with here in Glasgow, Scotland.

Due to the size of both my own and my sweetheart’s extended family, there is the hectic schedule all day, everyday of catching up with all our family members and doing things with them.

We are exposed to air conditioning in all indoor areas due to the heat and windows are not opened due to the high levels of pollution. Therefore, fresh air is in very short supple.

We shall be shopping for things to bring back home which shall take much of our energy from us.

We want to enjoy some of Hong Kong scenery and areas of interests which means our feet shall be killed with all the walking.

A pair of comfortable shoes or two is a must as well as my water, portable fan and protein bars to keep me fuelled is essential as my metabolism is so strong.

It pays to be prepared for what I am getting myself in for in order to feel as comfortable as possible, thousands of miles away from home!

Hong Kong, a buzzing city full of life yet, it is my last choice for a holiday because I know rest is the last thing that we shall be getting.

I strongly dislike travelling in the MTR in Hong Kong due to the huge crowds. Pushing and shoving is the norm otherwise, we shall never get to our destination. Being polite in Hong Kong gets you NOWHERE!

One needs to be aggresive and bold!………Or else, YOU suffer the consequences!

I am still feeling happy to be able to fly to my birthplace especially in October as the weather in Glasgow becomes dull and cooler. Then our clock goes back an hour at the end of October so our moods shall be lifted up.