When was the last time you had felt that you were merely existing for others and to fulfill your responsibilities?

Today was one of those days for me as I have had a rather challenging few months since the beginning of the year. I have made tremendous progress and wearing my blinkers in order to focus on achieving my goals. Yet, life throws set backs, challenges, hurdles, curve balls, issues, problems and brick walls at me to test me!

The emotions that comes through during each and everyone of my challenges are the most trying times which has taken a toll on my overall health. I feel those challenges are coming through in threes. It never rains, it pours as they say!

My sleep was disturbed each night last month due to my tremendous progress. I have settled with that and other challenges are coming through. Challenges with work, home, relationships and finances are the main ones that has had a gargantuan impact on my health and sleep.

During my day, I felt I was running on empty, feeling dead inside with nothing to give, even to myself. I found it so damn difficult to smile and that dragged me down until I had a soak with my Radox in the bath for a short twenty minutes as I always feel much better from it. I felt emotionally exhausted and slept for three hours after getting Calvin, my youngest son to school.

I have found that movement of any sort sets me up for a more productive day. I walked to and from bus stop, to pick up some food, then to meet with my lawyer regarding an important issue. I then picked up Calvin from my parents and the walk to and from helped to pick me up even though I had a headache and my thinking was fuzzy due to my pms.

I took two paracetamol tablets to help with my headache yet it lingered on for two hours or so,  until I took a bath with Radox. I felt like a completely different person when I came out of my bath!

I feel I have something to give to myself and others now! Thank goodness. image