What is the one thing that brings families together for a chat, a catch up and offers them the time to bond?  Food!

It was some time since I had dinner with my dad so I invited him over last night to chat and had some time together.

My eldest son Cory expressed to me, after I asked him to pick up my dad, that he does not want to see my dad. I apologised and told him that I had not had dinner with my dad for some time and he didn’t need to talk to my dad as long as he greets him.

The dinner was simple with my home made vegetable soup yet it brought us together. My three sons, me, my dad and my number two son’s girlfriend Cherry. My mum was working so her absence made it so much quieter.

I had spent three hours cooking and making everyone’s favourite vegetable soup. It was all worth the effort to bring us together.

I love to cook from scratch and my dad rarely gets to eat my cooked dinners and last night was a great opportunity for him to join us.

Dad didn’t eat much yet it was the company of family and chatting to each other that was important even though my three sons had very little to say to dad. I had a good chat with him to catch up. He seemed happy and light hearted which is rare.

I have been used to eating dinner with family and since my big brother passed away suddenly, dinner times have become so lonely and quiet. Last night’s dinner was what I had longed for and miss so much. It was the noise, the company and the wider choice of food that felt warm, happy and priceless.

I even got the opportunity to organise a surprise with Cherry for Colin whilst washing up!

What a productive dinner it was!