Just got back from seeing my doctor about the extreme pain on my left upper arm that’s been causing me so much pain since last September. I thought this pain was connected with my previous ongoing whiplash symptoms and received physiotherapy treatment. Yet, more than six months later, this pain is still continuing to hold me back from doing all the enjoyable things I did prior to my whiplash.

I saw a specialist last month,  that I saw in June last year regarding my whiplash symptoms and he concluded that my left arm pain is unconnected to my whiplash symptoms. His report was sent to my insurance company and things are moving forward to close this case. Thank goodness! It will be two years next month since I got the whiplash and to hear that I am finally recovered from it has lifted a tonne of weight off my mind, body and soul!

The specialist told me in his report from last month that my left shoulder pain are due to degenerative changes in shoulder tendons and an impingement syndrome. Whatever that means, it is certainly not whiplash symptoms!