Life is hard, there’s no doubt about that!

Don’t ask for an easy life, ask for more skills. Jim Rohn

I have acquired many new skills during the past four years and ten months from working hard on myself consistently yet some days, I feel like taking a break, being lazy and just indulge in being idle. Some days, especially wet, rainy and depressing days, I give myself the permission to be idle and lazy. Yet I am NOT giving up on achieving my goals. I am merely just taking a well deserved break from working so hard on myself. We all deserve to slow down a bit and relax. To recharge and indulge in a little laziness is bliss!

Being a faired weather person has it’s disadvantages on working towards accomplishing my goals. Living in Scotland where we see wet, cold and rainy days more than sunshine and hot weather is my most challenging set back that I have learned to work with and towards success. Success to me, is merely to feel happy with what I have whilst I work on achieving my goals. I no longer think “I shall be happy when I get this and that”. I am living in the moment, in the present moment where I am feeling happy. I no longer tell myself “just be happy” because I feel happy. Happiness, to me is not being, it is a feeling.

I have been making tremendous progress since the beginning of 2016 and many emotions has come through and I have been feeling overwhelmed, scared and anxious yet it is to be expected with all the progress that I am making. Going into unknown territories has always brought with it fear and anxiety to us human beings. This is why so many people give up on their dreams, goals and ambitions as they do not have the required skills, tools, wisdom and knowledge to help them through the dark, scary and frightening times.

Fear is merely False Evidence Appearing Real when our inner voice tells us “you will never make it, it’s never going to work for you, you are useless, you are hopeless, you are stupid, you are a failure, you can never succeed, you are good for nothing, nobody has succeeded in this before so it doesn’t work, nobody does that, you don’t know how to do it, you dont’t have what it takes” and that voice goes on and on when we allow it to!

I have had days and nights of wanting to give up and what would that mean to me? I know I definitely have what it takes to get to where I have set myself up for. It just takes time, effort and consistent self discipline. It takes time to build a solid foundation in order to get to the top. I have spent some considerable amount of time building my foundation by investing daily time and effort on working hard on myself.  Now,  it is time to rise above all this overwhelming emotion that has come to visit because I have a solid foundation!

I am a doer. Doers never quit when they are hit with set backs because set backs are merely setting them up for greater, better and bigger things to come!