I am such a fair weathered person and have been since I was in my mid teens. Living in Scotland certainly does no favours for my seasonal affective disorder. I have tried so many natural methods to help boost my energy throughout the years and I think I have cracked it! I have found what really works for me and what has a negative impact on my energy levels and overall health.

Using my Brightspark lightbox from Lumie has been such a humoungous benefit since I purchased it in December 2014. I also use Lumie’s Body clock to wake up to in the winter mornings or else it would be a real fight to get myself out of bed in the freezing, dark and depressing mornings.

Our clocks went forward last weekend and although the days are now longer, we have had very little sunshine due to the rain and this is affecting my moods big time!

I binged on watching seven episodes of TVB drama yesterday which was bliss as Calvin was out with his eldest brother so I had all day to myself so I spoiled myself rotten!

I so wanted to go out for a walk and when I looked out our living room window and saw the drizzle, I was put off and back to watching more television.

I was more disciplined yesterday by not binging on simple carbs and made myself a smoothie and that kept me full for quite some time.


I then had a light snack of quinoa with strawberry yogurt to keep up with my protein intake.  Well done me!

Children are off school for the next two weeks for their Easter break and our weather forecast tells us that we are due rain everyday this coming week which is definitely not fair for the children.

I long to see the sun shining brightly with white clouds and blue sky!