Ask and you shall receive!

How many of you believe that?

I certainly do because the universe gives me magical things that fills me with much love and gratitude.

On my 44th birthday last Friday, I was heading to my appointment to see my specialist about my ongoing whiplash symptoms so I decided to pick up my favourite cheesecake from my favourite store Marks and Spencer to treat myself for my birthday .

When I got home, my 19 year old son told me that my sweetheart had bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers ( red roses and pink lilies ) and a huge birthday cake ( with my name on it, in simplified Chinese).

I have never had such a wonderful birthday gift from my parents, siblings or the men I was in a relationship with or my sons,  until now. So you can imagine how emotional I was!

I was filled with joy and love as well as so much excitement to have my birthday cake with my name on it! It is mine! Mine! Mine! Hehe

I had never had a birthday cake from my immediate family let alone one with my name on it so my inner child felt loved and very special. She was jumping for joy and was over the moon to be spoiled and she truly deserved it!

My sweetheart certainly did a great job with the whole surprise and the red roses……..well he knows how much I love red!  He buys gifts for me in red and nothing else shall do! Hehe


Oh boy I was one very spoiled girl this birthday! Thank you to my two elder sons and Colin’s girlfriend Cherry for helping my sweetheart to give me such a “tears of joy” surprise!