Do you believe in “what we focus on, we manifest”? It’s how the law of attraction works!

I was thinking each day of delivering my very first speech for Toastmasters since I joined on Tuesday 23rd February as my long term goal is to become a public speaker. Then the opportunity to deliver my first speech at Toastmasters came to me as a huge surprise when I received an email from the group on Monday afternoon as I was at home,  that a free slot for a speaker was available for the next meeting and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I had twenty four hours to prepare my six minute speech and what would I talk about was the main issue!

I did very little rehearsal for my first speech as I was confident that what I had prepared was good enough for the objective of the speech.

I was feeling ever so excited on the morning of the meeting and I prepared as best as I could giving the time that I had. If I had more time, I would have a dilemma of what shall I talk about, what do I put into my speech, what do I say, how would I say it and the questions would be endless which is more than enough to have me pulling my hair over something that I wanted to enjoy.

I was more than aware that for a first speech, perfection is not the goal. The goal is to stand up in front of an audience and talk to them for six minutes about me so that they get to know a bit more about my life.

I allowed my inner teenager to help me with the creativity side of the speech. She wanted to get the audience engaged by asking them a question, have them put their hands up, then ask them to stand up and the rest of the audience give them a round of applause for their efforts.

I trusted my talents and my self worth got me through to the night of the Toastmasters meeting with very little nerves until I arrived and sat down for the meeting to begin. I felt a bag of nerves rush through me as the meeting started and I used my emotional intelligence to get me to centre myself and to calm my nerves and ignore my negative inner voice chattering in the background.

I paused as I was given the stage to centre myself and it worked. Then my opening was confusing my audience from their body language Yet I had total confidence that it worked for me and them as I knew it was creative and powerful!

I used visual aids of three books to show my audience what books I have read and they gave my audience an insight into what my life is like.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of being on stage and all eyes and ears were on me, listening to and paying full attention to what I was talking about felt magical. I saw my audience’s eagerness to listen to me and they loved my stage presence.

The six minutes felt so short as the red light turned on and I was still talking. However, I just continued until the end of my speech and I shall learn from this first experience to work on my time management better in order to make improvements.

The feedback I received from each person in the audience was just mind blowing! My opening was strong and showed confidence on stage which was a huge success for me. I used everything I had learned from my four and a half years of personal development and that was an enormous advantage for me. My consistent hard work on myself was the biggest payoff for such an important goal for me.

I shall treasure the feedback from my audience and cherish the standing ovation I received as I sat down after my speech. I felt a huge gush of emotions as I was receiving my standing ovation because it was my very first experience and I truly deserved it!

What a huge accomplishment and such a huge sense of satisfaction! Well done me!

Now to prepare for my second speech!