He asked to go on a bus ride with mum today because he was bored at home and the sun was out shining brightly!

So mum was more than happy to yet she felt tired and sleepy.

Knowing that her son would be doing things on his own or with his friends soon as he is growing up so fast, his eleventh birthday is in June so she made the effort to spend quality bonding time with him.

They both had fun exploring on the bus and getting lost as they had an adventure they never had until this afternoon.

The Scottish weather was kind to them as it stayed dry and partly sunny.

Her son had a quick lunch in KFC then they went to catch their bus to discover a new place that they had yet to go.

It was a magical experience being lost in the bus as it drove them to unfamiliar territory. This was such a happy experience for both mum and son as they got to know a part of their city they had yet to learn about.

As they sat on the upper deck, at the front of the bus, they could see whatever was ahead of them and that was the best view on the bus ever!

They chatted and laughed as the bus drove on and it took them more than an hour to get back home so that they could rest after a rather long yet fun adventure.

Mum was sleepy and dosed off for a little while as the bus was stuck in traffic in the city centre and by now she just wanted to get home and take a much needed nap as she had a late night.

The whole experience was well worth it as it was a rare occasion for her son to ask for his mum to spend quality with him going on bus rides!