Happy 29th February Kit!

I have never really been conscious of a leap day until today due to my great progress in life. I have found much inner peace this past week from my therapist’s help in identifying that I have much grieving for my big brother’s sudden death in November 2013 and that brought so much calm to me. The pain of losing my lifetime companion lifted from me and I felt a huge weight had been taken off my tired soul. What a revelation for me!

I had been asked to take on a role of the Ah Counter at last Tuesday evening’s Toastmasters meeting and Neil presumed I was already a member when I had decided to join that night. What a privilege to be asked and I was more than honoured to take on the role even though I had no idea what that role entailed. One needs to step out of their comfort zone, learn to feel the discomfort in order to grow and that was what I did. I felt the fear and did it anyway in order to learn how to be the best Ah Counter and oh boy!……..I sure had fun when it was my turn to stand up on stage and present what I had picked up that evening on the speakers “ahs, erms, ohs and you knows”.  I was told “you owned the stage Kit!”  and I did because I had so much fun and that’s vital for me as having fun makes life so much easier and more interesting.

On my way home on the bus from Toastmasters, I got chatting to a young man who was engrossed in a book and I presumed it was fiction due to the way the man was reading. It was a rare sight to see so I was bold and started a conversation with him and he was very friendly and we got chatting. He showed me the book, which was the Divergent by Vernoica Roth.  We chatted until it was time for me to disembark and he seemed like an intellectual young man and that is attractive to me because I love to engage in these sorts of conversations.

I have been more productive this month compared to this time last year due to my continuous progress in working on reaching my goals.

I passed my assessment for my barista training course which took place last Thursday and Friday so I achieved a career goal and a physical goal this month and I am feeling ever so proud of myself. Well done me!

I managed to get through the challenging two day training course with the help of acquiring a taste for coffee from sampling all the different types and the smell was just amazing!

I achieved a physical goal too as I reached my five minutes on my plank on Saturday 13th February and it took me a while yet I finally got there with much determination, persistence and consistency. It was for sure difficult as it required lots of strength and my back felt immense pain from the exercise yet I was becoming much more aware of my posture as a result of doing the plank. I would immediately straighten my back as soon as I felt I was slouching which is a huge benefit.  I felt an enormous sense of satisfaction from within. Well done me!

I have been walking the mile from home to pick up Calvin from school which took me twenty five minutes approximately on dry days to make the most of our weather and it helped me to stay healthy, fit and I sleep better at night.

On reflecting what I achieved last month, I was thinking of where I was this time last year and what a magical twelve months I have had!

I made a very tough decision which affected Calvin, my youngest son, this time last year. I let go of a very toxic close friend due to their drama, shaming and complaining. Then my life became easier and more productive as I was no longer surrounded by their drama that they had created themselves.

Making tough decisions helps us to grow and evolve. Nothing ever grows when we stay within our comfort zone. When we are achieving our goals, we gain a higher quality of life and that is the most effective way to create happiness and contentment.

It is definitely onwards and upwards for me as I continue to set new short term goals to reach my long term goals and remain mentally strong from doing all of my exercises.

I am so excited about my continuous progress for the next twelve months!