If you know what you want and you want it bad enough you will find a way!


I had many challenges to get through from my ongoing whiplash symptoms yet I got through them with determination, hard work and consistency. My goal was to plank for five minutes way back in 2014 yet life threw another set back my way.

I was involved in a minor car accident as a back seat passenger, in early May 2014, where my son’s car was hit from behind when we were stationary awaiting for the traffic lights to turn to green. The whiplash came on that evening and it has been a huge struggle to fully recover since that sunny afternoon as we were heading out for a family lunch. I had severe headaches during the first six months of recovery. I was tired very easily and just wanted to sleep the pain away during the first three months. My shoulders and neck was hurting me so much that a car journey on the Saturday afternoon in July 2014, from Loch Ness, Scotland back home to Glasgow on the A82 had put me in bed for the entire Sunday to recover.  When I woke up on the Sunday morning,  I felt my whole body was so weak and my headache was coming and going I was unable to get out of bed.

Almost two years on and my left arm has been extremely weak from going swimming with Calvin, my youngest son, so I needed more physiotherapy. It has been a long and painful journey to recovery. It’s a hit and miss, trial and error adventure for me. I have felt so frustrated and annoyed with the weakness in my neck, shoulders and left arm.

I have learned what my body is capable of when I push it that bit further yet I listen to it when it feels pain and stop pushing it until the pain subsides. Then I push it again and see where the pain is. Doing the physiotherapy exercises has been a very slow journey to recovery. I received private physiotherapy sessions during the first twelve months yet they were less effective than the ones I received from our NHS.

In 2014 after the minor car accident, I would plank then feel pain in my shoulders so I would stop and let them heal then I would plank again. In 2015, I was beginning to feel stronger so I went swimming every week with Calvin. In September 2015 I felt a strong weakness in my left arm and my shoulders was beginning to hurt again. So I went to see my physiotherapist on the NHS. The exercises she gave me to do was very helpful yet it was such a struggle to gain my strength back on my left arm. My shoulders was feeling stronger so much faster than my left arm which was such a nuisance to me as I needed to take it slow. I stopped swimming altogether and I missed it and much as Calvin did.

I set myself a new goal to plank for five minutes before 2016 began and I worked my way through the challenges that I faced. I slowly built up my time by ten seconds on the plank every second day. My back would hurt the most during my plank then it was my tummy and arms. I felt my left arm was becoming stronger from my daily physiotherapy exercises I did yet the numbness and weakness could still be felt most of the time.

I was consistent with planking every second day and increasing my time by ten seconds was working for me. The pain in my back straight after my plank was somewhat excruciating yet in a good way! I was becoming very aware of when I would slouch and my body would automatically straighten up my poor posture. My whole body is benefiting from this amazing exercise and it takes me to a new journey. I have many interesting stories to share with others from the start of my planking to the end of reaching my five minute goal.

As I was doing my five minutes last night on my plank, I felt my back was becoming so weak and my arms was about to give in at the last ninety seconds. It felt like the longest ninety seconds of my life and keeping it up was working up a huge sweat for me. I could feel my face getting hot, red and I was feeling like as if I was in the labour ward about to give birth from my heavy breathing!  Oh what fun!

My physiotherapist said I am strong enough now to get back into swimming and just slowly build up my time like I did with my plank.

I want to continue with my plank and I am seriously considering setting myself a new goal of reaching for seven minutes. I shall continue to reach for five minutes for the rest of this month then begin on working to achieve seven minutes next month.

I am feeling ever so proud of myself for my biggest physical goal of 2016 so far! Well done me. Patting myself on the back!

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be far greater value than what you get. By Jim Rohn