Oh boy! What a week already!………and it’s only Wednesday!

I have been making great progress everyday since setting new goals at the beginning of the new year. I am loving every day as I focus on achieving my goals and enjoying the journey.

I deleted all the games app from my phone and iPad (except one) in November/December last year to focus on becoming more productive with my time. That was one of the most valuable things I did for my time management.

I am tracking my progress with my physical exercises from the help of pen and paper.  That has helped me to see what I am doing and what needs more of my efforts.  One of my physical goals is to plank for five minutes and I am only ten seconds away from that goal. I struggled tonight to complete four minutes and fifty seconds yet I pushed my body to its limits. Accomplishing that four minutes and fifty seconds was a huge hurdle to jump over yet I kept going until the end and what a relief it was for my aching body to hear the alarm go off!  Woo hoo! Well done me! Patting myself on my back!

I started working as a volunteer in a charity shop every Friday to meet new people and to get out and about. I also started to attend Toastmasters meetings on a Tuesday evening for public speaking as I want to become a public speaker which is one of my bigger goals.

As my nineteen year old son sold his car last month, I no longer have access to a cat so I am relying on public transport which is consuming more of my valuable time yet I am gaining more waking from it all so I feel happier. I get more fresh air from walking and it helps to tire me out for a sound sleep at night which is vital for me to recharge.

The most indulging thing I love to do nowadays that costs very little money, is to lock myself in out bathroom, with my Yankee candle lit, a book to read or my phone to watch Ellen Degeneres on YouTube that cheers me up. I feel so relaxed from soaking in our bath with lavender oil and taking care of my needs. It is so therapeutic and energising for my body.

I am writing more in my journals and my blogs nowadays. Yet my blogs take up more of my time because I need to think, gather information and tweet things as I want to have an attractive blog for others to read. I can be such a perfectionist!  Thats just my expectation of what I want from myself. I want to push myself to do better than I did yesterday.

I love to write as I find it ever so relaxing and I learn more about myself when I write, especially when I write my blogs. It is my way of reflecting, venting, sharing, analysing and I feel so much lighter after I have written about my experiences.

Another thing I love to do is read non fiction books and I mean flicking through the pages by licking my finger and feel the pages as I do so. I am a visual learner with a tad of kinaesthetic thrown in. So I need to see texts and feel the pages from a book in order for me to soak up the author’s words and learn from the book. I always bring a book with me to read on my travels now as the bus journey to and fro gives me enough time to indulge in my reading.

I love being productive yet it can be tiresome and on wet days with wild winds, I just feel like staying snuggled up in bed and forget about working on my goals. Then I remember that I am the only one who suffers the consequences of being lazy.

I was rather busy yesterday with many errands that needed tending to and I felt so sleepy and tired out from two nights of disturbed sleep so I took a nap for an hour before cooking my dinner, taking a shower and headed out to my third Toastamsters meeting. I felt like staying at home and putting my feet up, as my body was feeling the tiredness then I reminded myself of my goal to becoming a public speaker so I pushed myself to get into the meeting. Once at the meeting, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I decided to join as a member.


Today was another productive day at home as I caught up with the housework that was crying for my attention. I changed my bedsheets with the help of my great helper Calvin, my ten year old son, before soaking in the bath and it felt great to slip into my bed with clean bedsheets. Ah! Bliss! The kitchen floor needed a good mop over and I cleaned our bathroom. Calvin vacuumed our living room and hall so he gets his weekly pocket money.

Now, to write my gratitude journal before I catch my beauty sleep!