Time is something we all have yet why are a small number of people more productive than others?  We all have twenty four hours a day, seven days a weeks so why do that small number of people become much more productive than the big number of people?

Have your ever been curious enough to ask yourself:

  1. What can I do today to become more productive?
  2. What do I need to become more productive?
  3. What would it mean for my happiness, health and wealth to become more productive?
  4. Where would I be when I do become more productive?
  5. What am I giving my time to that is no longer working for me?

Do you know what people regret the most when they are lying on their death bed?  Most people lying on their death bed wished that they had did the things their heart was set on yet never managed to do because their life and responsibilities got in the way. If you were told by your doctor that you had six months of good health left, what would you do with that six months?  Take some time to ponder about the last question because none of us are promised that we have unlimited time to do everything we want to do!

We are never promised that we shall wake up tomorrow. I learned this from losing my big brother Che to a very sudden death on the cold, dry morning of Tuesday 19th November 2013. I received a call from my now sister-in-law at 9.50am to inform me that she had been notified of the death of Che. I was so shocked I was shaking after we had arranged to meet at the hospital to find out how Che had died. I drove straight over to my parents without further thoughts and my emotions were everywhere.

That whole heartbreaking, gut wrenching experience of losing a close sibling who was my lifetime companion had taught me that we are not promised we shall live until we are frail, old, fragile, thin, gaunt and physically weak. We have limited time to live so we must live a high quality of life or else we suffer the consequences.

I have been working hard on myself each day throughout the past four years and six months, acquiring new skills and developing more experiences and knowledge. So from all that I have learned and experienced during the past four years and six months, how I manage my time effectively is a vital ingredient that determines my success.

I gave up the following in order to become more productive:

  1. Listening, reading or watching the news
  2. Reading magazines where I learn nothing constructive for my personal growth
  3. Engaging in small talk I.e gossip and drama
  4. Listening to toxic friends rant and rave about their latest complaint
  5. Giving my time to people who complain
  6. Reacting to others opinion and perspective of me especially family
  7. Spending time on Facebook (I deactivated my account in April 2014)
  8. Toxic relationships
  9. Checking my phone for messages 100 times a day
  10. Taking selfies
  11. Watching television
  12. Playing games on my phone and iPad
  13. Shopping for things I did not need

Instead,  I have set new habits to become more productive. I manage my time so much more effectively, constructively and productively from reading a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. What we give our focus and attention to, multiplies. I had at one point in my life allowed my negative inner voice to control my life so I learned from Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, to take charge of my life to turn things around. I gradually felt great about myself from within and began to make consistent progress.

It was a huge struggle to delete old habits as I was going into a new world of the unknown so I felt overwhelming and unsettling. I was taking one step forward and two steps back at the beginning of my journey to making progress. I felt scared of not knowing where I was heading at the time. I was totally out of my comfort zone as there were a number of changes to my routine and my mind was fighting with my heart. I knew in my heart what I wanted and needed to do for my personal growth yet my mind was having such a difficult time adjusting to my new routine and my new way of life.

I believe this is why so many people give up so easily when they make any sort of progress. They want to stay in their comfort zone for the feeling of security and saftey. It is less stressful for the mind to stay in our comfort zone yet nothing shall ever grow there!  The longer we allow our mind to take control of our lives, the more difficult it becomes to step out of that comfort zone where nothing ever grows. Staying in our comfort zone becomes a boring life, a life of low quality and we have very little experiences to share with our family, friends, colleagues, children and grandchildren.

Let’s take a look at our parents, care givers, extended family, teachers and peers. We have all had a number of them telling us that:  we cannot do something, we can never succeed, we are not allowed to do something, we will never make it, it will never work for us and this next one is “nobody does that” which all put us off from going for what we want to do with our lives so we just give up. Or we get laughed at and shamed for wanting to do something that others are clearly not doing. With no support, no encouragement, no recognition, no one who believes in us, no guidance, no one to cheer us on and no one to tell us you can do this, we forget about our dreams, goals and ambitions so life becomes stagnant!

So with no dreams, goals and ambitions in our lives, we are merely operating with no clear vision of our destination. We are driving our life with no passion, no talent, no clarity and nothing to motivate us to go for it!  It is like getting inside of our car, starting the engine and have no idea as to where we are driving to. So therefore, we are wasting our valuable time doing unproductive things that are clearly doing nothing for our personal growth and we are stalling.

Would you save up your money for a holiday without knowing where you want to go and step into the travel agent and book your flights?   No, absolutely not!  You would be absolutely certain as to where you want to go for your holiday before you start saving your money and then you would start making plans for that holiday. So why do we have no clarity as to what it is we really want to achieve for our lives?  Why do we remain stagnant and stay in our comfort zone?  Why do we waste our valuable time staying in a position where there is no personal growth?

We have a habit of planning our holiday with precise detail and neglect to plan for our life, for our future, for our retirement, for our ideal career, our ideal home, our ideal partner, our financial freedom and that is a very sad existence. We tend to take planning our next holiday seriously so that we get the most out of it and in Glasgow, Scotland where I live, a large number of people are booking for their summer 2016 holidays straight after the festive holidays are over. Why?  It has become a tradition, a trend, a need, a desire and a must because of the “January blues”. January is the most depressing and dull month in Scotland because people have spent so much money for Christmas and New Year, hit the sales, back to work, the days are much shorter than nights so they are feeling depressed then all the bills are piling up. So what better way to lift up their moods than to book for their summer holidays and have something to look forward to?

Now that their summer holidays are booked they all hit the gym, start on their new year’s resolution of an annual diet,  of losing inches from their waist from stuffing so much food and drinking all the alcohol that was offered to them so that they can fit into their summer wardrobe. Come February, the diet has failed, the motivation to lose inches and hitting the gym have all disappeared and they are all back at where they began in January. Why is this becoming a trend in Scotland? What is the recipe to success?

A huge number of people set new year’s resolutions to stop doing this or that and neglect to focus on what they want to do. New year’s resolutions never work from my own personal experience. I would just become depressed when it did not work for me until I learned to set smart goals! 

  • S – specific, what you want to achieve in your area of focus
  • M – measurable, ability to keep track of our progress
  • A – attainable, not extreme yet achievable
  • R – relevant, it is aligned to objectives
  • T – time bound, it has a deadline attached to it

Do you see how smart goals are smart from the above information?

We all need clarity in our lives to guide us to:

  1. where we want to go
  2. who we want to become
  3. where we want to live
  4. what career or business we want to pursue
  5. what holidays we want to take
  6. where we want to retire at
  7. what car we want to drive
  8. what we want from our ideal partner
  9. what financial freedom means to us
  10. what we want to spend our spare time doing and who with
  11. what skills we need to develop to get the most out of our lives
  12. what we can do to fulfill our childhood dreams
  13. what our ideal body looks like
  14. how far we want to go to climb up our career ladder
  15. how much money we want to earn per year

Without clarity and smart goals, we are living our daily lives merely aiming to get through the day and look forward to heading home from work and counting the days to our: days off work, weekends off work, holidays from work and that is an existence for a low quality of life! Our time on this universe is wasted counting the days to when we get time off work. Or even when we retire and sit back to enjoy life with very little money and purpose because they have lived a life of just paying bills. That would be like a life of waiting to die just like so many elderly people whom I had a close connection with. What a low quality of life to live by day in, day out?

I have been in this position for a huge part of my life because I had no clarity as to where I was heading with my life. My parents never taught me about setting goals nor did I hear or see them achieving their own goals. It was by chance that I was taught about and how to set goals after I was introduced to a business opportunity where personal development was a huge thing. I was for the first time in my life, after attending a personal development course in Edinburgh in June 2012, planning for my life, for my future and for what I really wanted to have and to become.

I gradually became a master at what I would give my valuable time and attention to. I decided to eliminate all the distractions that was holding me back by February 2015 and that was to become a very wise choice both for my personal growth and my inner peace.  I am very selective about the friends I surround myself with because we become the first five people whom we spend most of our time with. I am aware of the distractions nowadays that holds me back from achieving my goals so I limit my time on the unimportant things such as social media and watching YouTube videos.

I use a number of tools/things that helps me to become productive each day such as:

  1. using a to do list
  2. planning my day the night before
  3. tracking my time on each task
  4. getting enough sleep each night and track the hours of sleep I get
  5. exercising each day to strengthen my mental power
  6. practicing yoga and meditation for inner peace
  7. switching off my electronic devices to get my tasks completed
  8. completing the most difficult task first
  9. evaluate my progress on a Sunday evening then set new smart goals for the new week ahead
  10. eating a healthy balanced diet so that I have the energy required to get the most out of my day
  11. controlling my inner voice and talk to myself using positive words
  12. tracking my daily progress with pen and paper
  13. recognise my strengths and weaknesses
  14. celebrate each achievement however small
  15. go to bed each night with a well done me affirmation
  16. set smart goals for the next week, month and year for all areas of my life
  17. have a written bucket list and work on ticking the list off ( I ticked off three last year)
  18. being in the presence of nature and mindfully enjoy myself
  19. taking regular breaks each day
  20. connecting with my inner child and play with her
  21. connecting with my inner teenager and allow her time to create whatever she wants
  22. having fun and laughing each day to lighten up, feel happy and content
  23. pay for experiences instead of materialistic things
  24. read my latest book before the end of the night

Do you know how much time the average person spends commuting to and from work each day? Multiply that daily commute time and add it up to a year and see how much time the average person has to learn a new skill or gain some new knowledge to broaden their mind and it would really surprise you. I make the point of having something I can listen to on my phone (currently it is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich audio book) or have a book to read to learn something new whenever I am travelling to an appointment or doing errands that requires me to wait. Did you know that when we arrive for an appointment, the average waiting time, at reception (in Scotland) is ten to fifteen minutes?  I can read a chapter of a book in that space of time.

I have just finished reading Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and it has valuable insight and advice as to how we can become more productive with our time at work, home and at play. I am learning to complete the most difficult task first thing in the morning before I do any low value tasks and I started limiting my time on unimportant things a few months ago because I want to make continuous progress to achieve my goals.

I feel very proud of my progress, of the goals that I have achieved and of the three things I have ticked off my bucket list last year so I have built a momentum. The momentum once built,  needs to be fuelled each day or else we shall be back at the bottom of the stairs and climbing back up is a tremendous struggle which takes forever to begin. It is like climbing a mountain, when you get to the middle of it and you stop to rest, your body begins to feel the fatigue then continuing the climb begins to get so difficult and you really want to give up. It is this that stops so many people from completing projects, ideas, important tasks and achieving their goals or acquiring new skills.

Here’s a great quote from Jim Rohn, my mentor and a motivational speaker………

If you go fishing once a year, you’ve only got twenty more times to go fishing.

So, what are your goals, dreams and ambitions? What did you wanted to be when you were a child? Where are you at with your life? What would it mean to you to have your ideal career, ideal home, ideal business, ideal holiday, ideal partner, ideal car, ideal life, ideal body, ideal health, ideal talent etc etc? What would it mean to your life now that I am telling you, you can achieve anything you want from life?

We are all capable of achieving our goals we set ourselves when we have them written down on paper, set to take action and work on achieving them. We just need self belief to see us through, the self belief that tells us, “I deserve this”! And have total faith that we are in the process of getting to the end goal. It may take weeks, months or years yet it is well worth it when we reach the top of that mountain and look down at the stunning, breathtaking view!

Let me share an adventure of mine with you which was a bucket list idea that I created and came true for me in June 2015. I wrote on my bucket list back in 2012 “To see Sydney’s famous landmarks”. I had no idea how I was going to fly to Sydney with no money to my name yet I wrote it down on my bucket list anyway without thinking how to get there. I just focused on what I wanted from reading “The key to living the law of attraction” by Jack Canfield for the second time and did all the exercises in it. I met my ideal partner in July 2014 and he lives in Sydney. So we arranged for me and my ten year old son, Calvin to fly to Sydney to visit him and our flights were booked in March 2015. Our journey to Sydney began from Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday 21 June 2015. We flew to Dubai for our connecting flight to Hong Kong and landed on Monday at 18.05. We had a one night’s stay in Hong Kong to rest then we flew to Sydney from Hong Kong on the Tuesday evening and landed excitedly in Sydney on their Wednesday morning at 07.20. The whole three day journey to Sydney was physically, mentally and emotionally challenging as I had yet to fly long haul as an adult and Calvin had yet to fly!  Yet, the wait was well worth it, the flying time even though challenging helped both Calvin and I to grow and we bonded well. I even learned a lot of things about myself that I was previously unaware of. I also learned so much about Calvin’s capabilities that I never knew about from being at home! Landing safely in Sydney with Calvin has been my biggest achievement and for Calvin too because he grew so much from his adventure and he has picked up the travel bug so New Zealand and Canada are his next destinations.

Travelling to a different country allows us to see life in a totally different perspective and we learn that all the small things become insignificant to the huge things that we are dealt with in life. We are thrown challenges during our travels that just does not permit us to take some time to think about what to do next. There is a need to make an immediate decision whilst travelling that allows us to grow and learn more about ourselves and to learn new skills along the way.  I am now planning on another adventure with Calvin and my ideal partner to Japan so that we create long lasting memories for him and us. Time is ticking each minute so we need to be very wise as to what we do with it and who we give our valuable time to. Be the person who has little regrets in life and be proud of your high quality of life that you create for yourself and your children ( if you have them)!

Here is a list of books that I have read and found valuable in helping me to become more productive with my limited time on this universe.

  1. The seven habits of highly effective people by Steven R. Covey
  2. The compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  3. The 15 minute rule by Caroline Buchanan
  4. Life without limits by Nick Vujicic
  5. Set yourself free by Shirley Smith
  6. The last lecture by Randy Pausch
  7. The secrets of the NLP masters by Judy Bartkowiak (or any book on NLP is beneficial)
  8. The key to living the law of attraction by Jack Canfield
  9. Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
  10. Twelve pillars by Jim Rohn

So the next time you hear yourself say “but I don’t have time for that” ask yourself, how could I create the time to do that for my personal growth?


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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