Sunday 20 December 2015


I am so proud of myself for making conscious healthier choices to be more alert and energetic during this winter. I have been staying awake around 5pm to 6pm (which is when my body feels most sluggish) by doing anything at home other than to take a nap. It is working well so far so I am very happy and content with my results.

It was my intention to stay awake on Wednesday evening so I pushed myself. I stayed in bed surfing the Internet and stayed away from the cheese biscuits, chocolates and other snacks full of simple carbs. My goal was achieved even though I was being unproductive surfing the Internet! Hehe

I had a fantastic day on Thursday and the sun was out so I was feeling a lot energetic. My sweetheart bought our digital photo frame so I was feeling more happy and content than the day before. I attended a job interview in the afternoon and we had group assessments to do which was so much fun because I just love to have fun and laugh. It was great team work as we got everyone involved and the team spirit was on fire! Hehe. I craved chocolate yet I managed to ride through my craving so another win win! Day two of staying awake at 5pm.

Friday was another productive day as I wrote down my new goals for the coming New Year. I went to see a manager at a charity shop about volunteering work there in the afternoon which took an hour there and over an hour back on the bus as I went to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I was proud of achieving so much on this day when the weather was wet, dull, cold and miserable. I stayed awake again, all day in fact as I watched Disney’s version of “A Christmas Carol” at 5pm and munching on some fruit and drinking my smoothie of spinach and red apple.

Saturday, day four of staying awake at 5pm has become so much easier. I was feeling the exhaustion from staying awake all day on Friday so my body needed a two hour sleep after breakfast and it was bliss! I had some time to my own to read, write and colour in whilst my youngest son was swimming with his class mate for over an hour. We came home to do our own thing and I watched Rush Hour 2 at 5pm and it was so much fun even though I have watched it a hundred times by now! It felt like I had not laughed on my own in such a long time so I thoroughly enjoyed my own company in the living room. I had some chocolate today and munched on rice crackers too whilst watching Rush Hour 2.

Sunday, day five of staying awake around 5pm is as easy as ABC!   I am no longer feeling the tired and sleepy feeling around 5pm that I had at the beginning of this week. So my hard work is paying off. Well done me!  I have been much more active this week from being outdoors everyday instead of being idle at home. It has definitely helped me to be more alert, energetic and staying awake around 5pm was a brilliant result from making a conscious choice and being disciplined.

I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 8am this weekend even though I went back to nap after breakfast due to tiredness. I also set a goal to sleep at midnight at the latest this weekend so that I can feel refreshed from a sufficient sleep.  I have been working on doing my yoga each day which helps me to sleep sound throughout the night so that I feel rejuvenated in the mornings. Small goals each day is the best way to achieve my bigger goals. Tracking my sleep is also helping me to be more alert during the day.

I shall continue to work on my small goals to achieve my bigger goals this coming new week. Making consistent progress equals to happiness.